Building ProUnit


Before building ProUnit you'll need some software installed:

  • ProUnit
    • Progress v9, OpenEdge v10.x Provision Plus or OpenEdge v11.x Provision
  • Documentation
    • Java JRE (v1.4 and v1.16 work fine)
    • Apache Ant (v1.6)
    • Apache Forrest (for documentation building)

Be sure all of them have been correctly configured on your system:

  • Apache Forrest requires core installation package and dependencies
  • Check your FORREST_HOME environment variable
  • Check your ANT_HOME environment variable

Building Documentation

You just have to do following operations:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Go to the "doc" directory
  3. Run "forrest" and wait for some seconds

When finished, the documentation will be found in the "website" directory

Building ProUnit (since release 9)

You just have to do following operations:

  1. Compile recursively all files (*.p, *.w) found in the "src" directory to a target directory (in the respect of subdirectories)
  2. Open a proenv command prompt
  3. Run the "create_release.cmd" script (you'll find it in the "build" directory) and wait for some seconds
Note: you may have to edit the "create_release.cmd" to adjust target directories.

Building ProUnit (old way)

Since release 9, the build method has changed and neither requires JRE nor ANT. Software and documentation builds are now separated. You can still use ant but it will need some adjustements.
This paragraph was valid until release 8 of ProUnit.

Building ProUnit is pretty simple: just run ant and let Ant make it all. When it finishes you'll have ProUnit built in the deploy directory and the documentation will be found in the website directory.