Welcome to ProUnit! -- The Progress | OpenEdge unit tests framework

What's ProUnit?

ProUnit is a framework to create automated unit tests for Progress | OpenEdge ABL (4GL) platform. It's based on other XUnit frameworks, like JUnit, NUnit and others.

Looking for ProUnit project page? Just click here.

Be careful! ProUnit is NOT PUnit (PUnit is a PHP based unit test framework).

Why should I use ProUnit?

Today's software complexity makes it really hard to avoid bugs during alldevelopment process and sometimes it's just impossible (or tooexpensive) to manually test the software.

Most of the popular methodologies today (specially the agile ones) suggest that you should follow some best practices, including component-driven architecture and continuous tests.

ProUnit is a key tool for this scenario because it encorages the creation of components during development process, and enables testing them continuously so any bug may be fastly detected.

Check ProUnit User Guide to see details of how using ProUnit on you projects.

How can I get it?

ProUnit is an open source project on SourceForge.

You can download the source code, build it (using your version of Progress), do some changes (if needed) and contribute to the project.

You can get file from the download page. For more information about using ProUnit, check-out the ProUnit User Guide.

Get Involved

You can contribute to the project, participating on the forums, submiting bugs or new feature requests or helping on the new developments.

The ProUnit Team

ProUnit was first created by Flavio Eduardo de Cordova in 2004. Since this year some people worked to improve ProUnit:

  • Cyril Cleaud (contributor and developper)
  • SMarmotte (contributor and developper)
  • Flavio Eduardo de Cordova (the author - retired)
  • Roger "SparK" (developper - retired)